Upgrading EPiServer Commerce 1 R2 SP1 to EPiServer Commerce 7.5, part 1.

This year we created a shop with EPiServer Commerce 1 R2 SP1. I designed the architecture with future upgrades in mind.

The architecture consisted of:
• the websites, FrontEnd and CommerceManager,
• a DataLayer that provided all the communication with Commerce,
• a secure WebApi that provided us with all the communication between the FrontEnd and Commerce, by way of the DataLayer.

I designed it this way, because, at least that is what I thought, when doing an upgrade I mainly had to upgrade the DataLayer.

Now that I have returned from a great trip to Nepal, it is time to put my assumption to the test.

As you cannot upgrade to 7.5 directly, at least not that I know of, it is a two step process:
• Upgrade EPiServer Commerce from version 1 R2 SP2 to 1 R3
• Upgrade EPiServer Commerce from version 1 R3 to 7.5

In my next posts I will keep you updated on how the upgrade progresses, and what problems I run into, if any.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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