Forms and WebForms pt3

And the POC and learning continues. I did not like hiding the WebForms form, and it turns out that’s not necessary. You can include the Form controls in \Views\Shared\ElementBlocks. In the FormContainerBlock.ascx I replaced the form tag with a div tag. This will be made configurable in a upcoming version of the Forms add-on, so … Continue reading Forms and WebForms pt3

Forms and WebForms pt2

The POC continues. As you may have noticed the solution I wrote about yesterday only worked sever side, no client side validation e.g. This can be fixed as well. First I added another method to my util class, to get the fake ControllerContext and refactored it, so you won’t need the Dummy controller. I just … Continue reading Forms and WebForms pt2

Manage FavIcons in EPiServer

I needed to be able to manage favicons from within EPiServer. There are a lot of icons, a configuration json, xml for devices. You could of course create the all online, add them to your website, etc .... But to do that every time .....  Inspired by the great work of Rehan Saeed I created … Continue reading Manage FavIcons in EPiServer

Schedule XForm data mailings in MVC

In my last post I wrote about a way to schedule emails, instead of sending them immediately. This was for WebForms though. Getting this to work in MVC was not that easy. I am not sure if there are some bugs in EPiServer, or that I am missing something somewhere, but this is what it … Continue reading Schedule XForm data mailings in MVC