Content Definitions API Templates

With the content definitions api you can "remotely manage definitions, such as Content types, Property Groups, and Property Data Types without deploying code to the Optimizely application or using the admin user interface." Personally, as a dinosaur, I think I will still do it the "old" way by creating content types in code, but in … Continue reading Content Definitions API Templates

Create Find facets based on attributes

First of all.... Happy New Year! While back I wrote a post about how to create term facets from attributes on contenttype properties. Doing a POC at the end of last year, about which I will post later, I remembered that I did not follow up on how to retrieve the facets created that way. … Continue reading Create Find facets based on attributes

Retrieve localizations through an api

When you have a need to use available localizations from e.g. a headless app, one way to do it is through a custom api. In this gist you can find a basic api controller that you could use. It uses the LocalizationService to retrieve all localizations grouped by culture, localizations with a specific key grouped … Continue reading Retrieve localizations through an api

Use Serilog with CMS12

In previous versions of Optimizely, when you wanted to use a different logger, it took a bit of work. Or you could use one of my providers. With CMS12 you can now just configure a different provider without the need of a custom provider. For Serilog add the following packages, I used the file sink, … Continue reading Use Serilog with CMS12

Speed up your site

When your site relies on a lot of external API's, has a lot of JavaScript, images, Redis cache... and which site doesn't have most of these things these days, the loading of a page might go slower than you would like, even with extensive caching. There are a few things that I found can speed … Continue reading Speed up your site

Content considerations for developers

Yesterday I gave a talk at the Dutch Episerver Meetup about content considerations for developers. What may seem logical to a developer... it might not be for an editor. Together with my colleagues Kim Sterenborg and Pim Sebok, I have created a list of 12 tips for developers to make content editors more happy, based … Continue reading Content considerations for developers

Check your content for indexing errors

Sometimes you can get errors when indexing your content with Episerver Find. Most of the time the errors that are logged are quite cryptic. So I have created a validator that uses your Episerver Find instance to check if your content will cause problems when it's being indexed. You just need to get the Serializer … Continue reading Check your content for indexing errors

Filter your commerce campaigns for access

A customer wanted to have access rights on the campaigns in Commerce, so marketing managers for one market could not make changes to the campaigns for other markets. As this is not possible out of the box, I tried to find another way. I remembered a post by David Knipe about restricting access to markets … Continue reading Filter your commerce campaigns for access

Las Vegas Ascend lab

At this year's Ascend in Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of hosting a lab about personalizing Episerver Find by means of Episerver Social. I have put the lab on GitHub, in case you were not there and would like to do it, or if you want to get the code if you were attending … Continue reading Las Vegas Ascend lab