Packages updated

Just a short post to let you know that I have updated the following packages to be compatible with EPiServer 9.

Localization provider : NuGet, GitHub
BlockSearch: NuGet, GitHub
Keywords: NuGet, GitHub
NLog for EPiServer: NuGet, GitHub
Security Filters: NuGet, GitHub

5 thoughts on “Packages updated

    1. Personally I have never added blocks in the RTE, but I guess you would have to scan the html for elements with an attribute data-contentlink, get the content of that block by the contentlink id and add it to the additional search content.
      Nested ContentAreas I hardly use either, mostly because it can get very confusing for the editors. But you would need a recursive loop to get to the blocks and their content in the nested ContentAreas. And if you publish a block you would have to traverse up the tree to update the additional search content on the page that contains the nested ContentAreas. This would over complicate things in my opinion. My other consideration for only adding the content of blocks added to a ContentArea on a page, and not nested ones, is that such nested content in most cases can be considered not to be main content.


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