Validate User Generated content

With the new EPiServer Social Platform you can allow your visitors to “generate” content on your site. Of course you will need to moderate the content, with all the trolling and spamming these days. To save your moderator some work, you could (should?) do some validation before the comment enters the moderation workflow. You may … Continue reading Validate User Generated content

CMO and EPiServer 9

I got a question about CMO this week and because I never have done anything with it, I thought I would check it out. To my surprise I found that you can’t just install the package into a new website, the packages that are available ate just updates for CMO, but you will have to … Continue reading CMO and EPiServer 9

Smart recommendations for Commerce

Waiting for such things as the profile store? Don’t, want to, use Find? Related items in Commerce to basic and not smart enough? The Recommendations API from Microsoft Cognitive Services may help out if you want to show your visitors some smart recommendations. And the nice thing is that 10.000 transactions a month are free. … Continue reading Smart recommendations for Commerce

Forms and WebForms pt3

And the POC and learning continues. I did not like hiding the WebForms form, and it turns out that’s not necessary. You can include the Form controls in \Views\Shared\ElementBlocks. In the FormContainerBlock.ascx I replaced the form tag with a div tag. This will be made configurable in a upcoming version of the Forms add-on, so … Continue reading Forms and WebForms pt3

Forms and WebForms pt2

The POC continues. As you may have noticed the solution I wrote about yesterday only worked sever side, no client side validation e.g. This can be fixed as well. First I added another method to my util class, to get the fake ControllerContext and refactored it, so you won’t need the Dummy controller. I just … Continue reading Forms and WebForms pt2

Forms and WebForms

So you have upgraded your WebForms site to EPiServer 9 because your customer would love to use the new Forms module. Of course you can’t as the new Forms module does not support WebForms, which yo may have overlooked, as I did. I personally don’t understand why it's not supported, as the CMS still supports … Continue reading Forms and WebForms

Getting all products a promotion applies to

If you want to create a landing page for your promotion, you might want to display all items your promotion applies to. This is one way you might do it: In a Promotion (PromotionData) you have a DiscountItems property. This contains ContentReferences to all items your Promotion applies to. This can be ProductContent, VariationContent or … Continue reading Getting all products a promotion applies to

New Promotions and their Banners

You may have noticed that the new promotion system within EPiServer Commerce is finally out of beta. Besides all the obvious advantages there is a little treasure in there as well. In the old days we used to create custom blocks for displaying a banner for a promotion. Or we used some other way. This … Continue reading New Promotions and their Banners

Using the new EPiServernotification API

As from EPiServer 9.4 you can make use of the notification api. It’s mainly used within the projects feature as far as I can tell, but I found another use for it. NOTE: It's still in beta. Imagine you have a scheduled job e.g. It does some important processing, e.g. sending order information to SAP … Continue reading Using the new EPiServernotification API

Schedule exchange rate updates in Commerce

I was poking around n Quicksilver and I found an interesting piece of code for adding exchange rates to your site. In Quicksilver it is done once, during initialization, so I decided to create a scheduled job for it as rates tend to change 🙂 Pluggable, so you can add your own provider. The scheduled … Continue reading Schedule exchange rate updates in Commerce