Smart recommendations for Commerce

Waiting for such things as the profile store? Don’t, want to, use Find?
Related items in Commerce to basic and not smart enough?

The Recommendations API from Microsoft Cognitive Services may help out if you want to show your visitors some smart recommendations. And the nice thing is that 10.000 transactions a month are free.

Be sure to read these first: Quick start, API Reference. A lot of the code is based on the sample application, so you may want to have a look at that as well.

To give your users some smart recommendations, you will need at least these things:

  1. A model
  2. Catalog data to fill your model with
  3. Usage data, who bought what, when, …
  4. A build to start the analysis, so you can get recommendations for your customers.

In the coming days, weeks I will pick everything that I came up with apart, but if you are interested you might want to start with having a look at the Quick start, reference and sample I mentioned above.

You can find a working implementation for the 4 things I mentioned above on GitHub if you want to have a look already. Prerelease packages will be on MyGet, although they are more for my own use and testing, you can of course have a look at them.

I’ll be going into more details soon, but a bit of initial reading might come in handy

Some things I’m working on for the future are a Business Rules module, because you can add those as well. Configurable build types, because there is more than one type.

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