Buy products, get gift

In the "configuring promotions" lab at Ascend 2017 in Vegas, there was an exercise I created for a custom promotion. It's a fairly easy promotion: to be able to give a give a gift on an entry level, instead of on an order level. You can find the full code to the promotion in this … Continue reading Buy products, get gift

Fixing “tax total” differences

Sometimes you will need / want to display the price including tax on the line items of your cart. When you do this, you may see differences in the totals, using the calculators in Commerce, between the sum of the prices in your cart as they are displayed and the sum from the calculator. This … Continue reading Fixing “tax total” differences

POC: Upgrade EPiCommerce without losing orders?

So you want to update your EPiServer Commerce site, but you don’t want to lose orders. That’s still not really possible, a little downtime is still needed, or I missed something. So I did a little POC. I created a “messaging” service. You can send a cart to it. The cart will be put into … Continue reading POC: Upgrade EPiCommerce without losing orders?

Remember me, (re)store visited pages and categories

I'm looking forward to the Profile Store in EPiServer, but in the mean time I want some information to be remembered. You can, of course, create your own persistent visitor groups, but who knows what will change when the Profile Store arrives. I just wanted the Visited Pages to be remembered, and perhaps the Visited … Continue reading Remember me, (re)store visited pages and categories

Manage FavIcons in EPiServer

I needed to be able to manage favicons from within EPiServer. There are a lot of icons, a configuration json, xml for devices. You could of course create the all online, add them to your website, etc .... But to do that every time .....  Inspired by the great work of Rehan Saeed I created … Continue reading Manage FavIcons in EPiServer

A generic TermsFacetFor solution

Those of you who know me a bit better know that I hate doing the same thing over and over again. When you do a TypedSearch in EPiServer Find you will have to add your facets to the query. If you have multiple types you might end up with a switch, separate queries for different … Continue reading A generic TermsFacetFor solution

Manage your security headers in EPiServer

As security is getting more and more important these days, as if it wasn't before... you probably add some response headers to add some extra security. Problem is, I find, that if you set them to strict or to easy, you will need a new deploy, if you manage them in your web.config. There is … Continue reading Manage your security headers in EPiServer

A custom localization provider for EPiServer 7, revisited

Not really a big post, but I got some requests to update the provider for a newer version EPiServer. So version "2" is compatible with 7.7.1 and above. I also added on request an option for automatic translations through an external provider. I chose Bing, as it has quite enough free translations a month to … Continue reading A custom localization provider for EPiServer 7, revisited

Schedule XForm data mailings

Our client did not want an email very single time a customer filled in a form, but instead wanted a scheduled mailing with all entries. As I could not find a way to add additional options to the ChannelOptions I decided to overrule the functionality of the "Email" option. If we take Alloy (WebForms version) … Continue reading Schedule XForm data mailings