What the FAQ are you talking about?

As you may have noticed I like the Microsoft Cognitive Services a lot. There is quite a nice, preview, service called QnA maker, which takes your QnA items on e.g. a FAQ page and applies some Machine Learning to it. The great thing is that you can very easily attach a bot that can answer … Continue reading What the FAQ are you talking about?

Automatically tag images after uploading

Getting editors to properly tag the images they upload can be quite a challenge, if you need/want them tagged of course. The Computer Vision API can be of assistance. It only supports English and Simplified Chinese at the moment though, as you can read in the API reference. You could of course use the translation … Continue reading Automatically tag images after uploading

Validate User Generated content

With the new EPiServer Social Platform you can allow your visitors to “generate” content on your site. Of course you will need to moderate the content, with all the trolling and spamming these days. To save your moderator some work, you could (should?) do some validation before the comment enters the moderation workflow. You may … Continue reading Validate User Generated content