Speed up your site

When your site relies on a lot of external API's, has a lot of JavaScript, images, Redis cache... and which site doesn't have most of these things these days, the loading of a page might go slower than you would like, even with extensive caching. There are a few things that I found can speed … Continue reading Speed up your site

Use ML.net recommender for better up-sell (POC)

You may have read about ML.net by now. Among other things there is a recommendation engine. So I decided to try if it would be usable in an Commerce solution. And it is, up to a point. First I needed to get all the orders and put the products that were bought together for each … Continue reading Use ML.net recommender for better up-sell (POC)

Remember BrilliantCut?

For a client with a huge catalog I needed something to make it easier to find their products in the back-end. Then I remembered BrilliantCut by Jonas Bergqvist, which does exactly that. As it hasn't been updated to work with newer versions of Commerce, I forked and updated it. I also added the filter option … Continue reading Remember BrilliantCut?

Enrich your logging with Episerver data

Some of you may have noticed I quite like Serilog. And my NuGet package to integrate it in Episerver is used quite a few times, so I guess I am not the only one. One of the reasons I like it is that you enrich your logging with a lot of extra information. There are … Continue reading Enrich your logging with Episerver data

Add extra validation for a shortcut

Happy New Year everyone! Mine started out well... suddenly, without a deployment or Azure issues, a website went completely unresponsive.  "502 - Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server" Looking at the change log there was a content change just before the site went down. The change made … Continue reading Add extra validation for a shortcut

Speed up your product imports

When you use Episerver Commerce, your products will often be imported from an external source. When you use Episerver Find and there are a lot of changes, the import process might take a while and a lot of requests to Episerver Find will be made. So usually you would turn of the Episerver Find events … Continue reading Speed up your product imports

Content considerations for developers

Yesterday I gave a talk at the Dutch Episerver Meetup about content considerations for developers. What may seem logical to a developer... it might not be for an editor. Together with my colleagues Kim Sterenborg and Pim Sebok, I have created a list of 12 tips for developers to make content editors more happy, based … Continue reading Content considerations for developers

Check your content for indexing errors

Sometimes you can get errors when indexing your content with Episerver Find. Most of the time the errors that are logged are quite cryptic. So I have created a validator that uses your Episerver Find instance to check if your content will cause problems when it's being indexed. You just need to get the Serializer … Continue reading Check your content for indexing errors

Filter your commerce campaigns for access

A customer wanted to have access rights on the campaigns in Commerce, so marketing managers for one market could not make changes to the campaigns for other markets. As this is not possible out of the box, I tried to find another way. I remembered a post by David Knipe about restricting access to markets … Continue reading Filter your commerce campaigns for access