Auto correct a search query

So your visitor is in a hurry and makes a typo in the search box. Chances are no results might be returned. By using the Bing Spellcheck API you can auto correct typos in the query and, maybe, return a result. As with the auto correct on your phone, it kinda depends on how smart … Continue reading Auto correct a search query

Use recommender for better up-sell (POC)

You may have read about by now. Among other things there is a recommendation engine. So I decided to try if it would be usable in an Commerce solution. And it is, up to a point. First I needed to get all the orders and put the products that were bought together for each … Continue reading Use recommender for better up-sell (POC)

Validate User Generated content

With the new EPiServer Social Platform you can allow your visitors to “generate” content on your site. Of course you will need to moderate the content, with all the trolling and spamming these days. To save your moderator some work, you could (should?) do some validation before the comment enters the moderation workflow. You may … Continue reading Validate User Generated content